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How can my coaching help YOU?

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Introduction to the person behind the coach!

Hi I'm Antonia, for those of you who don’t know me I'm a married Mum of two daughters in addition to holding the privileged position of also being a step mum and now step granny! I live in Scotland by the beach where I often walk my sausage dog Maggie. Whilst I try to enjoy a healthy lifestyle most of the time it’s not always possible or realistic.

Much like you I try to cram in as much as possible! I know and understand all too well how busy our lives can be leaving little time for ‘you’. Sound familiar? Add in a few unexpected bumps in the road on top of our overflowing plates and it doesn’t take much for our emotional, mental and physical health to suffer.

At certain times of my life I have experienced ill health in all three areas. Looking back, these episodes all coincided with periods of extreme stress, over working, over training, baby loss, post traumatic stress, a subsequent divorce and being a single Mum for a time.

As a result I have a lifetime of personal experience in overcoming hurdles and reaching a place of balance in terms of mental strength, emotional health and physical well being. All of which has been achieved not with wholesale change, but with small daily achievable action steps over time along with various science backed tools and techniques.

What can I offer as a mindset & behaviour change coach?

In today’s world people expect more than they ever have before, more purpose, more opportunity, more choice, deeper relationships, financial freedom, along with optimal physical and mental health. And as people search for solutions and look to make changes they often don't know where to start; either looking in the wrong places or starting something without clear direction.

As well as clarity, direction, planning, starting too big or tackling everything at once, the biggest problem for people creating change is not knowing HOW to go about it. Therefore the ‘how’ often becomes the biggest obstacle to success.

It’s important to recognise that change happens in the mind first and what you then think, feel and do on a consistent daily basis become your habits and ultimately your lifestyle. So to create change in your life, you must change what you think, feel and do on a daily basis to support your goals and reach the planned outcome.

People get stuck in the same thought cycles. They try to make behavioural changes but do not address the thought patterns or learn how to think differently to amend existing habits or behaviours. This ultimately becomes a frustrating loop with a feeling of being stuck and this is where help and support are needed and where my coaching methods can help.

As your coach, what can I do?

I can act as a sounding board, I can offer knowledge and tools, a wider perspective and most importantly support and guidance to see a specific goal through to fruition with the right resources.

What is my aim as your coach?

I aim to help you reach a greater life fulfilment and sense of satisfaction in your life where you have not been able to, or don’t know how, to achieve on your own.

What is my goal as your coach?

I will expand your awareness through powerful and thought provoking questions that facilitate awakening of your strengths and talents, paving the way for you to leverage your strengths a lot faster than you could on your own.

What does my healthy habits coaching business specialise in?

My healthy habits coaching business supports health and wellness. Specialising in life balance, stress, weight management, habit change and menopause this coaching method supports you individually or in groups with online or in person consultations.

Life balance can impact stress levels and stress levels can impact physical and mental health often leading to weight gain or a lack of motivation to move. Add transitioning through midlife and the lack of direction, purpose or identity this can bring (plus potential hormonal imbalance for women), it's easy to see how healthier habits then fall by the wayside as mental and physical energy is depleted.

You may reach for comfort foods, binge on Netflix, doom scroll on social media or increase alcohol intake to self soothe and stay in your comfort zone. In turn, becoming more frustrated feeling an overwhelming hopelessness leading to guilt and feeling more stressed as a result.....the vicious cycle then continues.

My healthy habits coaching method supports you to break existing cycles and supports change. It is a combined approach of coaching, brain science and mind body tools that builds the psychological support for lasting change and focuses on three fundamental pillars; mental strength, emotional health and physical well being, all of which are intrinsically linked.

Healthy habits - changing thoughts, feelings and behaviours one habit at a time.

My clients can be suffering from:

  • Stress and the effect it has over their mental and physical health

  • Difficulties with their work life balance

  • Overwhelm and inability to prioritise

  • Lack of motivation, direction or purpose

  • A mental block around healthy habits like movement, eating for health, mindfulness

  • Weight gain

  • Sleep issues

  • An identity crisis

  • Hormonal imbalance be it perimenopause or menopause

The healthy habits values

I love what I do and I’m passionate about sharing what I have learned in order to make a positive impact. My mission is to help you live a more fulfilling, balanced and healthy life empowering you to take positive, achievable action steps. It’s about the whole picture, our mindset, our feelings, our behaviours and ultimately our choices that lead to long lasting change.

My brand values are empowerment, empathy, working in partnership and making health a priority. With those values, as your coach you can expect me to be supportive, relatable, comprehensive, non judgemental, encouraging, approachable and honest.

We’ve only got one life, I want to help you live it!

Health is wealth.

Antonia x

Please contact me or to book your FREE exploratory consultation visit my contact page. I would be SO happy to hear from you :)

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