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I offer coaching on a one to one basis working closely and collaboratively with clients, face to face or online via google meet. Sessions are specifically and uniquely tailored to suit you as an individual providing you with support, guidance and accountability. 

individual coaching

one to one coaching

With our increasingly busy lives we often run on autopilot with our emotional and physical health suffering as a result. Sound familiar?


We are largely unaware of our beliefs, daily thoughts and our behaviours which become unconscious and therefore habitual over time and this is why we can struggle when dealing with life’s challenges and making a change.

The healthy habits combined approach of coaching, brain science and mind body tools builds the psychological support for lasting change and focuses on three fundamental pillars; mental strength, emotional health and physical well being, all of which are intrinsically linked.

three fundamental pillars

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mental strength

  • Are you suffering from low self esteem?

  • Are you constantly stressed?

  • Does your life feel out of balance?

Are your current beliefs keeping you stuck and unable to change?

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself, it plays a critical role in how you deal with life’s challenges. By building mental strength we can change our mindset to improve our ability to deal productively with these challenges. 


Changing our mindset to a more positive one can help minimise our weaknesses and focus more on our strengths. When you focus on the strengths and positives, you build better habits reinforcing mental strength, increasing levels of self confidence and self esteem which enable you to reach your full potential.

mental strength
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emotional health

emotional strength

  • Do you find new challenges overwhelming?

  • Do you suffer from negative emotions more than positive ones?

  • Do your emotions get in the way of making positive change?

Good emotional health is a fundamental aspect of fostering resilience, self-awareness and overall contentment, helping you accept and manage feelings through challenge and change.

This instils a positive sense of how you think, feel and act in order to experience positive emotions more regularly than negative ones. It’s about having the skills and resources to manage the ups and downs of everyday life. You can notice upsetting emotions when they arise, catch your own self judgements and negative self-talk, and get curious about your feelings and why they arise at certain times. This increases your resilience to stress, deepens relationships and increases energy with a positive outlook to help you focus and think clearly.

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physical well-being

physical well-being

  • Are you lacking in energy?

  • Are you always tired?

  • Do you struggle to manage your weight?

  • Are you confused with how to eat healthily?


Building mental strength and good emotional health allows you to better look after your physical well being, empowering you to maintain a healthy quality of life in order to get the most out of your daily activities. This includes lifestyle behaviour choices to ensure health, avoid preventable diseases and conditions, and to live in a balanced state of body, mind and spirit.


You can improve your physical well being by cultivating healthy habits like moving your body, nourishing your body with proper nutrition, getting enough sleep and taking the time for relaxing.

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coaching programs

Coaching can be used in all areas of life with a minimum of five hourly sessions recommended to maximise the benefits. If you want more information on the programs I offer click below.

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