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Why should I invest in a Healthy Habits coaching package?

  • You are investing in your emotional and physical health which is the greatest wealth we will ever have, without our health, every part of our lives has the opportunity to suffer.

  • You are investing in knowledge and knowledge is power once we know how to use it.

  • You are investing in yourself, to be selfless you firstly need to take care of yourself in order to give the best of yourself to others

  • This will be the best return on investment you ever get

What is coaching?

Coaching can be defined as a process of training or development that assists you to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to achieve specific personal or professional goals. It is a blend of various psychological approaches that include self-help, personal growth, counselling and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). 

What does a coach do?

A coach provides support and guidance in a safe, non judgemental environment helping facilitate change by giving you tools and techniques.

What is the aim of a mindset & behaviour change coach?

To help you reach a greater life fulfilment and sense of satisfaction in your personal or professional life, by incorporating work around mental strength, emotional health and physical wellbeing allowing long lasting change. Support areas include: self awareness, self motivation, self worth, emotional regulation, problem solving, resilience, optimism, mindfulness, growth

What is holistic coaching?

A more powerful and meaningful coaching approach is to view all aspects of a person’s life as equally important - hence ‘holistically’.

Holistic coaching looks at the multi faceted layers of the human taking into account the mind, body, spirit and emotions. It is a powerful means of facilitating change in all areas of your life and overall well being.

The method sees you as an individual and your challenges as being a small part of the whole being. It can help facilitate change by giving you confidence, insight, clarity and self awareness. With these new tools you can be empowered to take steps towards your long term personal growth, happiness and achievement.

Where there is misalignment between thoughts, feelings and behaviours, or goals, actions and outcomes, a holistic coach can guide you to correct imbalances and help set a way forward.


How do I pick the right coaching package?

Don’t worry, let’s chat first and you will get a feel for what package best suits your current needs. I offer one-off hourly coaching sessions in addition to packages if you want to start small, you can always convert to a package once you see the benefits and I will refund the difference from the initial coaching hour.

How do I know if you are the coach for me?

The coaching relationship is a priority with all my clients, I like to see it as a partnership with investment from both sides. I am there for you all the way through the process offering accountability and ultimately being your biggest supporter! My coaching ethics are outlined below:

As your coach I will:

  • Respect, encourage and support you as an individual

  • Provide a structured coaching experience

  • Teach you effective tools and techniques for change

As my client it would be most beneficial if you can:

  • Be honest, open and ready for change

  • Communicate your needs and wants

  • Take action willingly on decisions agreed to within our coaching relationship

If you feel this resonates with you, please get in touch to book your FREE 15 minute exploratory session to see if we are the right fit! OR go to contact form.

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