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My mission is to help you live a more fulfilling, balanced and healthy life empowering you to take positive, achievable action steps. It’s about the whole picture, our mindset, our feelings, our behaviours and ultimately our choices that lead to long lasting change.


Read what my clients say about how coaching helped them improve their life.

Jane Dennyson

I thought I was doing all the right things,eating well and doing loads of sports but I was sleeping less, stressing more and putting on weight. I knew this was likely to be the run up to menopause due to me being 48, but I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help it. 

Antonia's analytical and supportive approach helped us find the root cause of my stress (not what I thought!). We identified habits that were working against me and discovered that gut health sits at the centre of my health and happiness, both in mind and body.

My sleeping has improved, my weight has started to drop but most importantly with the tools and confidence I now have, I can manage stress better going forward and feel happier as a result! Antonia's blend of science and compassion meant progress from day one. Thank you!

Susie Walker

I cannot recommend Antonia enough to anyone navigating the challenges of menopause and stress.

Right from the start, Antonia’s compassionate and empathetic approach put me at ease, making it easy for me to open up. The last few years have been very tricky - stress which I kept in a box, losing my dad after a long illness and going through post menopause symptoms which I hadn’t identified as menopause.

Not only did Antonia provide me with a wealth of information about the menopausal process and the impact of menopause and stress on my body, she helped me understand and empowered me to take control of my health and well being.

Her approach was holistic, addressing not only the physical aspects of menopause, but also the mental and emotional aspects of menopause and life stresses. Antonia has been a beacon of support during a very challenging phase of life and for that I cannot thank her enough. 

If you are looking for a menopause and healthy habits coach who is caring, dedicated and knowledgeable, I wholeheartedly recommend Antonia.

Robin Stewart

I cannot truly put into words the positive impact working with Antonia has made. As a 46 year old dad of two, I was working long hours and juggling work and family commitments, often leaving no time to focus on me. For many years I was on a never-ending cycle of dieting and / or exercise plans, not always at the same time, but nothing was long lasting.

Time was my excuse for not exercising and fatigue was my enemy with making healthy eating choices. Having worked with Antonia for 6 months, I am in a much better place; I have a regular exercise regime that works for me; we identified my sugar and late night snacking addiction and this has been resolved; I make time for myself and my family now without impacting my work.

Stress and worry was something I lived with but now I understand the warning signs and make proactive decisions to keep on track. Antonia is more than just a coach and mentor, she takes the time to understand what is happening  in my life and offers solutions to problems that make a difference. I am sleeping better, I have lost two stone and have never been happier.

Men in general have a problem talking about problems, especially relating to eating disorders (mine was my sugar addiction) and mental health. I would recommend anyone, but especially men in my age bracket, to get in touch with Antonia if you have any on-going concerns, she will be able to help, listen and support

Anna Mather

I initially booked Antonia for a few coaching sessions but it has proven so invaluable to me that I am now a regular client of hers. When we initially met I was so stressed out, I was miserable and everything felt out of control including my mental and physical health. I love her approach, she is very easy to connect with and her methods definitely work! With her help I have got my life back on track, I feel better physically, my mindset is more positive and it feels amazing!

Bianca Havukainen

Mindset & behaviour change coaching with Antonia has been transformational - she has helped me create the powerful daily habits that I have been wanting for a long time, but hadn’t managed to make on my own. To have created such positive change so successfully feels great and exciting! Antonia is a professional and warm coach, I highly recommend her.

Vharri McMinn

Antonia made me feel at ease throughout our sessions and the coaching was hugely beneficial in terms of making me better able to cope with my stress and day to day worries, I no longer feel overwhelmed with work/life. Antonia made me feel at ease and our sessions were enjoyable, friendly, welcoming and fun!

Cat MacEachen

I had a really positive experience with the coaching sessions. They were enjoyable, reassuring and a real comfort during some difficult times for me. I now feel more confident in taking control of situations myself and learning not to beat myself up if I don’t succeed straight away.

Joel Casey

I walked in an anxious, sleep deprived, self loathing, directionless man looking for support. Regardless of achieving weight loss and giving up cigarettes with your support, I walk out today feeling happy, really happy and for that I can't thank you enough.

You have been a massive part of that mindset transformation. Every session was thought provoking, challenging and fun and all the little things you taught me I use to get through every day. You are brilliant at what you do!

Lorraine Turner

I have had several different types of counselling/therapy over the years and I can honestly say the coaching sessions with Antonia have been by far the best sessions I have had. I feel a lot better both mentally and physically and have been left with tools to help me when I am starting to struggle.  I now receive regular coaching sessions with Antonia and feel so much better since I started the entire process!

George North

Bored, aimless and unfulfilled, I was desperately unsure about where life was leading me. A friend suggested I see Antonia, and it’s the best piece of advice I’ve had in years. Through a series of truly insightful sessions, she helped me identify the values that matter most to me and showed me how lacking they were in key areas of my life. The simple techniques she uses mean that I now have a positive set of goals for the future, and the tools to achieve them. I would recommend Antonia to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. 

Gloria Morrison

Antonia was so good at helping me deal with my problems finding new simple techniques that are easy to do every day at any time. I really believe that the simplicity of the coaching is definitely the key to making it work as it is so achievable. I learnt different techniques that helped to see things from a different perspective which has had an impact on my day to day life. Having Antonia as my coach has been an amazingly positive experience!

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