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Group coaching workshops can be utilised in any organisation and tailored accordingly. They can be stand alone or incorporated as part of a health and well being programme.


Read what my clients say about how group coaching worked for their organisation

Alan Mahon, Founder

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As a rapidly growing “Start Up” business workload pressures and prioritisation are a constant challenge. As part of our annual company retreat we asked Antonia to run a ½ day stress workshop which we all found highly engaging, informative and helpful. Antonia’s ability to listen, facilitate and include the entire group ensured a high level of discussion, debate and participation .

As a team we all greatly enjoyed spending time with her and took away useful tools on how to identify, manage and tackle the stresses and strains of a busy working life. I would thoroughly recommend.

Lottie Bone, Health and Wellbeing Lead

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Antonia presented the topic ‘Modern Day Stress and How to Manage it’ to our Edinburgh team, and online to our Dubai, Oman and Spanish teams.
She covered the stress response and what is going on physiologically in the body giving the team a deeper understanding of what it means to be stressed.

Also, what could trigger stress, the symptoms and then how to address it using ways and means to manage it. The talk was both informative and interesting and was well received by all those who attended it.


We have now booked Antonia in for quarterly health and wellness sessions, to cover other relevant topics and we look forward to her visiting us again soon!

Fraser Maxwell, Associate Director

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Antonia took time to understand the wellbeing issues at Arup, in advance of the ‘modern day stress’ workshop she ran. This allowed for a targeted session which was of maximum use to the attendees.

Antonia’s personable and engaging nature resonated with everyone there and as a result, she was able to facilitate an open and safe space for our group discussions.

The practical stress management tools & techniques were a great takeaway for all the staff. 

The staff gave Antonia universal positive feedback along with requests to have her back for future workshops.

I would thoroughly recommend Antonia to anyone engaged in the wellbeing space, her friendly and approachable manner shone through. She was fantastic and really knowledgeable on her subject matter!”

Robin Stewart,
VP Service Operations

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Antonia presented the two and a half hour workshop ‘Cracking the code of modern day stress: effective management strategies’ to the Team Leaders here at The Renaissance Club. The club is coming off the end of an extremely busy season and plans are already under way for the expansion of the onsite accommodation (growing from 38 rooms to 118 rooms) and a busy 2024 season. We found the workshops to be extremely beneficial to allow the team to come together with colleagues from different departments to share their challenges and understand how these can be overcome.


The team have all said they benefited from the workshop and want to do more in the future to help them be better leaders and understand how stressful scenarios can be better managed.


I would highly recommend these workshops to any business as it is a crucial part of team development and improving wellbeing.


Being prepared for periods of stress can make it easier to get through them. And knowing how to manage our wellbeing can help us recover after a stressful event. Some of us may refer to our ability to manage stress as our resilience.

Mowden Hall School,

Kate Martin, Headmistress

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Antonia delivered a workshop on Modern Day Stress to our entire staff body in September 2022. Staff wellbeing is important to us, particularly given the pressures experienced when working in an educational setting. 

The Workshop was carefully planned, addressing the key issues we can face in schools. The advice Antonia gave to staff was communicated brilliantly, and many staff have commented on the takeaways from the session that they continue to use effectively in their lives. 

Antonia skillfully engaged her audience and encouraged open and honest communication. I would highly recommend the Workshop, which was superb

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