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Welcome to healthy habits!

I'm a qualified mindset & behaviour change coach. I'm on a mission to empower you to live a more fulfilling, balanced and healthy life!

Changing thoughts, feelings & behaviours one habit at a time.

My name is Antonia,  I empower men and women in midlife to manage stress, attain balance and nurture wellbeing by supporting mindset adjustments and changing behaviours for good.


Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, lacking motivation or direction? Struggling to manage your weight, finding healthy habits don't stick or as a woman are you peri/menopausal?

Using a science based approach, backed by neuroscience and positive psychology I will help you:


  • address negative thought patterns

  • adjust your mindset

  • improve awareness

  • become unstuck

  • identify and manage stressors

  • implement healthy habits

  • change your behaviours 

We only have one mid life, I want to help you live it!

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start your journey today

I offer coaching on a one to one basis working closely and collaboratively with clients, face to face or online via google meet. Sessions are specifically and uniquely tailored to suit you as an individual providing you with support, guidance and accountability.


I also offer group coaching, please contact me for further information.


Anna Mather

“I initially booked Antonia for a few coaching sessions but it has proven so invaluable to me that I am now a regular client of hers. When we initially met I was so stressed out, I was miserable and everything felt out of control including my mental and physical health. I love her approach, she is very easy to connect with and her methods definitely work! With her help I have got my life back on track, I feel better physically, my mindset is more positive and it feels amazing!”

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