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the reclaim MEnopause method

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"Reclaim your

body and mind for

a healthy, balanced menopause so

you can feel like

YOU again"

The Reclaim MEnopause Method - a program for women in midlife who want to utilise science backed lifestyle solutions to reclaim their body and mind.

This method will teach you, step-by-step over 12 weeks, my simple science backed lifestyle solutions to improve your sleep, kickstart weight loss and create healthy behaviour change - so you can feel like YOU again.

You have one midlife, you deserve to LIVE it.

Regain control of your menopause by supporting mental and emotional resilience, balancing hormone health, kick starting weight loss and creating healthy behaviour change. 

  • Are you tired of feeling tired?

  • Are you struggling to manage your stress levels and overwhelm?

  • Are you gaining belly fat?

  • Do you want to make healthy changes but don’t know how?

  • Maybe you’re wondering if you will ever feel like YOU again?

You’re in the RIGHT place!

I work with midlife menopausal women who feel they are losing control of their body and mind.


Women suffering from insomnia or poor sleep, women gaining belly fat, women who feel more anxious, women who are overwhelmed and super stressed, women with brain fog, women lacking energy - women who no longer feel like themselves.


With my 1:1 coaching program I outline simple science backed lifestyle solutions and health hacks, in an easy step by step process to achieve transformational results.

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How Would It ‘Feel’ to…..


  • Sleep better and longer

  • Have more energy

  • Start losing belly fat

  • Manage your stress better

  • Be back in control

  • Have increased motivation 

  • Instil healthy long lasting behaviour change


All of this is possible for YOU!


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Jane Bio_edited.jpg

Jane Dennyson

‘My sleeping has improved, my weight has started to drop but most importantly with the tools and confidence I now have, I can manage stress better going forward and feel happier as a result!’

Susie Walker_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Susie Walker

‘Not only did Antonia provide me with a wealth of information about the menopausal process and the impact of menopause and stress on my body, she helped me understand and empowered me to take control of my health and wellbeing’.


The answer is easy!

​It’s Time To Reclaim Your MEnopause

Based around three pillars: mental strength, emotional health and physical wellbeing, this program guides you step-by-step over 12 weeks. We delve into sleep, stress, hormones, healthy habits, eating, weight gain, weight loss, self care, human needs, positive psychology and finding YOU.


Along with five hours of one to one online coaching you will receive weekly emails including tools, techniques, education, videos, information, tasks, self care action steps and more to keep you motivated and on track between sessions. All of which is simple and achievable, even for the busiest of people.


This 12 week program is all you need to take control of YOUR menopause so you start to feel like YOU again.

You Are Not Alone!


There are 15.5 million women in the UK going through perimenopause, menopause or post menopause at any one time, imagine how many women that is world wide? Yet there is so much misinformation and confusion that women just don’t know where to turn or what action to take. 



  • Menopause is a natural process that happens to all women if they live long enough, it is a life stage not a disease.

  • The start of menopause is when the reproductive hormones start to decline in production becoming imbalanced, in turn causing changes in other hormones around the body (our body is geared up for survival and tries to compensate elsewhere often causing hormonal and metabolic chaos).

  • There are three stages: perimenopause, menopause and post menopause. The transition of the menopausal process starts on average at the age of 45 until the age of 55 years with many exceptions, including those that start the transition early or experience a surgical menopause.

  • There are over forty eight symptoms of menopause, some of which include insomnia, anxiety, hot flushes, night sweats, weight gain, loss of libido, brain fog, itchy skin, UTi’s, bladder weakness, sore muscles, burning joints and the list goes on.

  • No matter what you see or read, everyone’s menopause is INDIVIDUAL. But science backed lifestyle solutions have been evidenced to support a reduction in the severity of menopausal symptoms, tailored to suit this ever changing hormonal environment.

  • Behavioural change is also recognised as positively supporting menopausal women in addition to or instead of HRT where applicable. 


This is where my 1:1 signature program The Reclaim Menopause Method comes into practice. I will guide you step by step over 12 weeks to empower you with education, science backed lifestyle solutions and health hacks to support both your body and mind. This program is based around three fundamental pillars:

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Mental Strength

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Emotional Health

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Physical Wellbeing

The Old Way Of Managing Menopausal Symptoms

You may have heard the older generation of women say ‘we just got on with it’ but life was very different back then! Now women are often doing it all, we are the generation who are more likely to have a profession or job, we may manage a family, potentially look after ageing parents and are therefore the ‘sandwich’ generation - being everything to everyone often leading to burn out, low mood and loss of confidence. 

And when we add natural ageing and the menopause transition into the mix this is why we may struggle. Lifestyle changes can make SUCH a big difference in terms of all round health, balancing hormones and reducing menopausal symptoms, which is where The Reclaim MEnopause Method can support you.

There Is A Better Way: 

In just 12 weeks you can:

1 - Improve your sleep: allowing you to feel more emotionally resilient, more in control and enhancing the body’s ability to fat burn, rest and repair

2 - Kickstart weight loss: giving you more confidence, making movement easier for your body, supporting both mitochondrial health, your brain and your body

3 - Create healthy behaviour change: harnessing a more positive mindset and outlook, increasing motivation levels and supporting ongoing physical health improvements

When these three elements come together, it will lead to a more balanced, healthy menopause where you feel back in control of your body and mind.

And, I’m going to show you how!

Hi, I’m
Antonia Siegel 

A mindset and behaviour change coach specialising in wellness and menopause.

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about me.

I have an advanced diploma in holistic lifestyle and nutrition coaching and I’m a certified mind-body practitioner and holistic life coach. In addition I’m certified as a menopause practitioner, menopause weight loss and movement coach.

my mission

I empower menopausal women in midlife to manage stress, attain hormone balance and nurture wellness by supporting mindset adjustments and changing behaviours for good.


At certain times of my life I have experienced ill health mentally, physically and emotionally. I can also share that I’ve been perimenopausal for at least three years now, yes I really do get what you are going through. I’ve experienced acute anxiety, low mood, night sweats, sore joints, brain fog, low energy, sleep issues, itchy skin plus more. It can be an isolating time of life where you don’t necessarily feel like the best version of yourself.

I have a lifetime of personal experience, proven client results and coupled with my educational investment to date, I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned to help YOU. 


‘Antonia’s blend of science and compassion meant progress from day one’

‘If you are looking for a menopause and healthy habits coach who is caring, dedicated and knowledgeable, I wholeheartedly recommend Antonia’.

‘Antonia is a professional and warm coach, I highly recommend her’.



It’s likely with women living longer than ever before that we will spend around a third of our lives postmenopausal. That’s a considerable chunk of time and if you are not feeling the best right now, it’s even more critical that you start to make important lifestyle changes as you age.

The time to take action is NOW to ensure a smoother menopause transition, healthier ageing and prevention of age related disease. You absolutely CAN make the changes you want for both your body and mind with:


That Means Less:

Sleepless or wakeful nights
Trucking through life in overwhelm
Reaching for sugary foods to boost your flagging energy 
Struggling to instil healthy habits



So What Is The Reclaim MEnopause Method?

This method will teach you, step-by-step over 12 weeks, my simple science backed lifestyle solutions to improve your sleep, kickstart weight loss and create healthy behaviour change - so you can feel like YOU again.

A program that incorporates three pillars of mental strength, emotional health and physical wellbeing leaving you with improved resilience, educated and empowered to manage your own menopause with healthy behaviour change and habits.

The Reclaim MEnopause Method Gives You Everything You Need For A More Balanced, Healthy Menopause

Screenshot 2024-01-24 202036.png

Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed with your symptoms

The program gives you simple, small & achievable daily action steps using lifestyle science, that are possible even for the most overwhelmed version of you.


Even if you think you’re going to have to give up all the unhealthy foods

The program is not about elimination it is about moderation and educating you around how to eat for this life stage.


Even if you are lacking in motivation

The program teaches you small, achievable action steps making it easy even if you are lacking motivation


Even if you are the busiest person in the world and don’t have time

The program makes it so easy, even the busiest of you will be able to incorporate small achievable action steps into your weekly routine.

Even if you’re not confident of being able to achieve healthy behaviour change

The program is designed for everyone to access regardless of your perceived confidence levels. Watch your confidence grow as you start to take the smallest of action steps that lead to a large difference over time.


Even if you’re not sure you can make the investment right now

The program can be paid in manageable instalments and spread over the twelve weeks if requested.


My clients find me when they are overwhelmed and exhausted, after completing the program they leave enriched with education around this life stage, with all the strategies they need to manage a healthy menopause.

Now It’s YOUR Turn!

Anna Bio_edited.jpg

Anna Mather

Positive mindset and feeling better physically


I was so stressed out, I was miserable and everything felt out of control including my physical and mental health. I love her approach, she is very easy to connect with and her methods definitely work! With her help I have got my life back on track, I feel better physically, my mindset is more positive and it feels amazing!  

Jane Bio_edited.jpg

Jane Dennyson

Improved sleep, weight loss & better able to handle stress


My sleeping has improved, my weight has started to drop but most importantly with the tools and confidence I now have, I can manage stress better going forward and feel happier as a result!

Susie Walker_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Susie Walker

Greater understanding & empowerment


Not only did Antonia provide me with a wealth of information about the menopausal process and the impact of menopause and stress on my body, she helped me understand and empowered me to take control of my health and wellbeing/

Bianca BIO_edited.jpg

Bianca Havukainen

Powerful daily healthy habits.


Antonia has helped me create the powerful daily habits that I have been wanting for a long time, but hadn’t managed to make on my own. To have created such positive change so successfully feels great and exciting!

The Reclaim MEnopause Method Outline

Below you will find a breakdown of what the program entails so you can see for yourself! Throughout each week there will be educational information relevant to menopause.

Mental Strength


Are you exhausted, does your life feel out of balance, are you constantly stressed?

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself, it plays a critical role in how you deal with life’s challenges.

By building mental strength you can change your mindset to improve your ability to deal productively with these challenges, especially during menopause and beyond.


We will address:


Why you may struggle to sleep in menopause
Circadian rhythm
Sleep hygiene
Sleep tips & tools


What stress is
How stress affects you in menopause
Symptoms of stress and menopause
Identifying stressors
Tools & techniques to manage stress 

Healthy habits

Understanding why it’s so hard to change existing habits
Habit stacking for positive behaviour change
Healthy habit formation and actions

Emotional Health


Are you finding new challenges overwhelming, do you suffer from negative thoughts more than positive ones, do your emotions get in the way of making positive change.

Good emotional health is a fundamental aspect of fostering resilience, self-awareness & overall contentment helping you accept and manage feelings through challenge and change.

The hormonal environment during menopause can cause our emotions to wildly fluctuate and we can feel disempowered and emotionally vulnerable. 


We will address:


Self care

Weekly self care actions 
Emotional changes

Why emotional changes can impact you during menopause
Positive psychology
Confidence and strengths

Finding YOU

Looking at your basic human needs
Identifying where these are currently missing in your life
Looking at your values
Establishing the six values that relate to you most in midlife
Working out where these values are misaligned in your life right now.

Physical Wellbeing


Are you lacking in energy, gaining weight and confused with what to eat during menopause?

Building mental strength & emotional health allows you to look after yourself better physically empowering you to maintain a healthy quality of life.

This includes making lifestyle behaviour choices that are scientifically proven to reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms plus support healthy ageing & avoid preventable diseases.


We will address: 

Eating for menopause

The Mediterranean way of eating
Supporting liver and gut health

Weight gain

Putting the brake on weight gain during menopause
Obstacles to behaviour change around eating and drinking
Keeping a food mood diary
Understanding comfort eating and why it happens

Weight loss

Fat types
The principles of weight loss
Simple rules to assist your weight loss

Learning NEAT


the program

A total of 5 hours 1:1 online coaching

A screening & health information intake form 

1 x 60 minute initial 1:1 online coaching session 

4 x 45 minute check in coaching sessions 

1 x 60 minute graduation 1:1 online coaching session

A weekly client check in and accountability feedback form

Weekly training and educational resources 

Self care and healthy habit weekly action steps

A host of tools, tips, resources, checklists and tasks with lifetime access

Access to the Reclaim MEnopause Method community whatsapp app group for peer support, to share successes and ask questions in an engaged, warm, friendly menopausal community

PLUS, You’ll Feel Deeply Supported


1:1 online coaching

1 x 60 minute initial coaching session

4 x 45 minute check in coaching sessions

1 x 60 minute graduation coaching session


Weekly check in progress via email

Access to The Reclaim MEnopause Method group for peer support


Information sheets, videos, blog links, tasks, tools and techniques provided on a weekly basis.

In just 12 weeks you will be well on your way to a more healthy, balanced MEnopause where you will start to feel like YOU again.


What makes The Reclaim MEnopause Method any different? 

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ready to begin?

I have an advanced diploma in holistic lifestyle and nutrition coaching, I’m a certified menopause practitioner, menopause weight loss and menopause movement coach. I am also a certified mind-body practitioner and holistic life coach.

I have done all the training, studying and research for you. Wrapping it up into a simple 12 week, easy to understand program that will crystallise understanding of this life stage and give you step-by-step tuition and coaching to achieve the results you are looking for.

I’m passionate about supporting, empowering and educating women through menopause.

I care deeply, I’m also on my menopause journey so I really do understand first hand the mental, emotional and physical challenges that you are currently experiencing.


Knowledge is power but only when you use it, by educating you it will instil confidence, empowering you to manage this life stage going forward after the 12 week program finishes.

My Reclaim MEnopause Method takes an entirely holistic approach backed by lifestyle science, looking at the whole picture: mind, body, emotions.

The combined approach of coaching, menopause education, lifestyle science and mind body tools builds the psychological support for lasting change. This is the stepping stone to the improved healthy long term mindset and behaviour changes you have been looking for.

‘I cannot recommend Antonia enough for anyone navigating the challenges of stress and menopause’.






Susie Walker

Susie Walker_edited_edited_edited.jpg

personal note

I know how hard it can be to trust someone with your health, especially during such a sensitive and challenging time like menopause. 

I get there is so much information, differing opinions and viewpoints out there around menopause, which causes confusion leading to overwhelm paralysis. 

I know from my own personal and client experience, that looking at the whole picture, instilling small daily action steps in addition to weekly accountability and education……. gives you the BEST chance to make the changes you WANT for your mind, body and emotional health during  menopause.

We only have one mid life, I want to help you live it and more importantly I want to help you feel like YOU again.

Thank you for trusting me with your journey.

Antonia x 

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Your Future Looks Bright

Imagine how you may feel six months from now, let me paint the picture for you:

Your sleeping is back on track and you wake up regularly feeling more refreshed.
You feel in control and more resilient making you stronger and more able to cope with challenges and life in general.

You have go to strategies when you feel stressed which enable you to stay on track with your health goals and not slip back into unhealthy habits.

You know what you should be eating for this life stage.

That coupled with better sleep and stress management strategies have led to gradual, sustainable weight loss over time and you feel a renewed sense of self.
Your confidence levels have returned and you feel like you are back.

You feel like YOU again with an optimistic, positive mindset and a CAN do attitude.
You are living a healthy, balanced menopause.



What does a coach do?

A coach can act as a sounding board, can offer knowledge and tools, a wider perspective and most importantly support and guidance to see a specific goal through to fruition with the right resources.

What is holistic coaching?

A powerful and meaningful coaching approach which views all aspects of a person’s life with equal importance hence ‘holistic’. Holistic coaching looks at the multi-faceted layers of the individual taking into account the mind, body, spirit and emotions. 

I don’t know if I’m perimenopausal, menopausal or post menopausal does this matter?

Not at all, sometimes it’s hard for us to know what stage we may be in but the science backed lifestyle solutions and methods in this program can be utilised across all stages of midlife into menopause and beyond.

Do you learn about menopause and female hormones?

Yes absolutely, part of the program will be to educate and explain each stage of menopause and what happens to the reproductive hormones during this life stage along with symptoms.

Does your program talk about HRT?

No, this is outside my scope of practice and best discussed with your GP.

Reclaim your body and mind for a healthy, balanced menopause so you can feel like YOU again!

This method will teach you, step-by-step over 12 weeks, my simple science backed lifestyle solutions to improve your sleep, kickstart weight loss and create healthy behaviour change - so you can feel like YOU again.




Have a question? Ask me via

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