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Group coaching workshops can be successfully incorporated into any health and wellbeing program OR as a standalone offering.

group workshops

group coaching

I offer an annual health and wellness program of workshops which deliver one workshop per business quarter, please contact me to receive an overview. Individual workshops are itemised below.


Maximum group sizes are given as a guideline but larger group sizes could be accommodated where necessary. Group coaching workshops are offered in the following formats

  • 1 x two and a half hour group interactive workshop in person for a maximum group size of fourteen, involves breakouts, quiz time & group interaction

  • 1 x one hour fifteen minute group workshop in person for a maximum group size of twelve, involves some group discussion

  • Group workshops can be adapted to suit on line where necessary 

  • Further information on all the packages listed below available on enquiry

  • Timings are a guideline and can vary slightly depending on group size and the amount of interaction


Further information and price on enquiry.

Get in touch to enquire about a group booking by emailing or click on the contact form button below.


group enquiry

If you would like to talk about a bespoke workshop please email me


I have also curated a workshop on nutrition for a healthy mind and body: eat smarter live better available in a one hour fifteen format and suitable for individuals/staff at any level.

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